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Khandela is an ancient village mentioned even in the epic Mahabharat.It is situated in the aravali range of hills in Rajasthan Very close to Delhi & Jaipur. It was Ruled by various dynasties of Rajput Rulers.the last being  of shekhawat clam headed by Raja Raisal and his descendents for 500 years. It was the capital of the region of Shekhawati known world over for richness in old traditional architecture of havelis frescos & handicraft etc.

Castle Khandela

A heritage hotel restored , renovated and owned by the direct descends of ruler of Khandela  Dr.Raisal Singh It was the palace of Khandela Rulers for about 500 years. In Castle Khandela which is renovated without altering the originality yet providing the amenities comfort hospitality. you will experience the original in the abode of keep and feel like a maharaja. It also matches your budgetary requirements. We ensure you to look after your needs and requirements  so that your visit becomes a memorable one.

Rooms and Suites 

Guests at Castle Khandela can re-live the Rajputana era in 17 refined rooms each offering a distinct experience of princely living. No two rooms are alike in our property thus enabling you to choose as per your likes. The interiors in their simplicity, elegance and attention to detail, showcase all that is finest in traditional Indian craftsmanship.
The Hotel also offers all necessary modern amenities in each room thus making it a warm and memorable experience


  • Village walk
  • Camel cart Safari
  • Brick field visit
  • Cooking demonstration
  • Tracking to hill top temple
  • Visit local fairs and festivals
  • Traditional Bawdi (Stepwell) visit
  • Farm House Traditional Dinner & high tea
  • Bird watching and wildlife walks and drives
  • Visit local Temples & experience the rituals  
  • Puppet Show & folk music & Dances on request
  • Visit old Haveli to see  traditional architecture
  • Visit local Schools, Colleges, Hospital serving the local people
  • Jeep Safari to small village trough valley(about 7 Km from Castle)

Brief description of the activities ( Village walk )

Khandela is a very old traditional village where people come from nearby small villages to shop. Here you meet very friendly  people dressed in their traditional gear.  In the bazaar of Khandela  one can see making of bangles( Lakh ki chudiya), Mojri (rajasthani shoes)Indian sweets,& namkin, earthen pots, silver jewellery, chick pick in traditional oven being made.There is a separate Local fruits & vegetables  market, cloth market,and spice market.
Gota (decorate laces worn by women) and Kharad (wood work on hand laith machine) are also very famous as handicrafts of Khandela

Camel cart Safari

the camel cart safari is arranged from Castle to the stepwell farm (about 2 kms). On the way Tourists have a glimpse of the past of khandela and see the ancient temples, cenotaphs of Maharajas (ancesles of the present owners of the castle), village life, old havelis and ruins of old castles etc. 

Jeep Safari

from castle to nearby villages in the interior to experience  the traditional lifestyle of villagers.


(about 2.5 kms from Castle .)If Guests are interested they can also visit the Brickfield where about 500 people make & fire  bricks by hand in the old traditional style of manufacturing clay  bricks

Stepwell Farm  

the farm is 2 kms from the Castle. Where organic farming is done in the traditional Indian style. The vegetables grown here are served fresh in the Castle. Farming is done trough a stepwell which is 300 years old with beautiful architecture. The stepwells were the age old traditional open wells where a person could descend down the steps till the water level. There were pavilions around the stepwell for taking rest

Farm Dinner & High Tea 

Farm Dinner & high tea arranged in the stepwell farm where the guest can also experience the cooking in traditional style i.e on the firewood chulha (stove) in the traditional cookware