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Today, Kota serves as an army headquarters. It is also Rajasthan's industrial centre (mainly chemicals), powered by the hydroelectric plants on the Chambal river - the only permanent river in the state - and the nearby nuclear plant. Kota is strung out along the east bank of the Chambal river. The train station is well to the north.

Brijraj Bhawan Palace

Brijraj Bhawan PalaceKota's Brijraj Bhawan Palace was built in the year 1830 as a British Residency. The palace was later converted into a state guesthouse. Today the palace has been completely transformed and promoted as a Heritage Hotel that welcomes its guests with open arms. The palace is situated along the banks of river Chambal. The unique blend of old world heritage and new age facilities makes the hotel an enticing place to stay.

Umed Bhawan Palace

Umed Bhawan PalaceUmed Bhawan Palace exudes as aura distinctly its oqn, suggesting the hues of the nearby desert, Steeped in history, the Palace hotel subtly blends Rajput and Victorian architecture. Lush Lawns and courtyards, picturesque ceilings, marble corridors, treasure troves, hunting trophies of yesteryears alongwith excuisite royal heirlooms complete the regal picture.

Chambel Garden

Chambel GardenThe Chambal Gardens are on the banks of the Chambal River, south of the fort. They are popular place for picnic. The centerpiece is a murky pond stocked with crocodiles, which can be crossed by a wobbly suspension bridge. Once common all along the river, by the middle of the 20th century the crocodiles had been virtually exterminated by hunting. There are also some rare Gharial (thin-snouted, fish eating crocodiles)

Maharao Madho Singh Museum

Situated in the old palace, it houses a rich collection of Rajput miniature paintings of the Kota school, exquisite sculptures, frescoes, arms and other valuable antiques. The museum is the treasure bouse of artistic items used by the former rulers of Kota. Timings : 11AM to 5 PM Entry Fee : Rs.7/- per person for Indians and Rs40 per person for foreign tourist Camera Fee: Rs.35/- and Rs. 70/- Phone No. : 323040 Holiday : Every Friday and National Holidays

Dussehra Festival

Dussehra FestivalOne of the big festivals celebrated in most parts of India is Dussehra. The festival is celebrated with zest and festivities as it also marks the beginning of the winter season after the long, unbearable, hot summer. Dussehra marks the victory of Ram over the demon king Ravana, and the rescue of his wife Sita. In north India, gigantic effigies of the ten-headed Ravana and his brothers are set aflame amidst bursting of crackers. Fairs are usually held on this occasion with lots to eat, buy and enjoy.

How to reach:
By Bus: There are several express buses from Kota to Ajmer, Jaipur, Udaipur, Chittaurgarh, Jodhpur and Bikaner.
By Train: There are many trains operating from Kota to Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur.